Open Autism Q&A

Hey, everyone! I’d like to announce that I’m looking to continue my autism Q&A series, but with questions from readers. If you’ve got questions related to autism and want to ask an autistic, you can add them in the comments on this post, email them to me, or contact me on social media (links to all of these on my contact page) and I will give my take on them. If a question is something I’m interested in sharing, I may post the question and my answer to this blog. Note that I am a single autistic person, so I can’t speak for all autistic people or be a “voice for autism,” but I will do my best to answer based on my experience. Also note that while I will do my best to help you and answer them, you definitely shouldn’t rely solely on me for specific questions about your autistic child, as I don’t know your autistic child and therefore probably won’t be able to be super specific or accurate. Thanks for asking though!

I’ve got some longer more thought-provoking posts coming in this next week. Thank you so much for reading, and don’t hesitate to send in any questions!

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