4 thoughts on “Autism from the Insider’s Perspective

  1. Quincy,

    I observed one day in 1998 “Temple Grandin describes how autism *works*; Donna Williams describes how autism feels/how it feels to be autistic”.

    Another version of this outside/inside distinction – among two many would consider very different autists.

    Presenting yourself as THE voice or face – never a good idea.

    Having yourself passed off that way especially to some.

    I wonder if “What does autism feel like” or “What’s autism like” was part of your SEO or things people have searched for when reading *Speaking of autism*?

    “With this realization, I ask my readers to try to focus more on reading the autistic perspective when it comes to autism. The way we describe autism is more accurate than how others perceive our autism. Our perspectives are valuable, and they can be valuable in helping you understand your child, your student, your friend, or even yourself if you’re autistic too.”

    and I love the cardboard box image!


    1. I specifically pointed out I don’t want to make myself out to be *the* voice, and that’s why I want people to read other people’s words.

      I don’t quite follow what you’re insinuating with my SEO?

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      1. Thank you Quincy.

        SEO = search engine optimisation.

        I know that lots of bloggers think about their backend a lot and what would get people to come to the blog if they didn’t have a personal or professional connection.

        It was indirect of me, wasn’t it?

        I imagined that a lot of people would be asking the questions and that would get people to come from Facebook or Twitter or somewhere else on WordPress.

        Probably not your intent. Sincerely apologise.

        [Infer and imply are probably good words for what I was doing].


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