On Autistic People and Dogs

This is my family’s dog Doodlebug. He’s a barrel-chested, chubby-bellied (ok fine, he's overweight) energetic, happy beagle mix who we’ve had for eleven years now. A dark-brown and white beagle-mix dog sits next to a person with medium-length curly red hair wearing a green shirt and black shorts (me). The person is looking perpendicular to … Continue reading On Autistic People and Dogs

Accommodations are not Rewards

Disability accommodations are among the most important factors in allowing autistic and other neurodivergent people to equally access an education. “Equally access” here is the key phrase, because the entire purpose of accommodations for a disability at an academic institution is to ensure the same opportunity for all students to access an education (and the … Continue reading Accommodations are not Rewards