Accommodations are not Rewards

Disability accommodations are among the most important factors in allowing autistic and other neurodivergent people to equally access an education. “Equally access” here is the key phrase, because the entire purpose of accommodations for a disability at an academic institution is to ensure the same opportunity for all students to access an education (and the … Continue reading Accommodations are not Rewards

Eight Keys to Supporting Autistic Students at School (from an Autistic Person)

Few traditions are as time-honored and universal than the yearly return of kids to school and the flurry of excitement, nervousness, and perhaps too many school supplies that come with it. And though the start of the 2020 school year is a bit different in some places than in previous years, the fact is that … Continue reading Eight Keys to Supporting Autistic Students at School (from an Autistic Person)

They Were Wrong

Well, folks, it’s official. I am a high school graduate! Well, technically I’ve been “graduated” since May, but the school held the actual ceremony this week. Despite the delay, I walked across the stage and got my diploma last Thursday on the school's football field. I think that for everyone a high school graduation is … Continue reading They Were Wrong

Autistic Play is Appropriate Play

“Does your child play appropriately with their toys?” Apparently, this is a common question asked of parents if their kid is being assessed for autism. In this context playing “appropriately” means “playing with toys exactly as a neurotypical child would play with their toys.” That, and it is often pushed very hard for parents to … Continue reading Autistic Play is Appropriate Play