Autistic Play is Appropriate Play

“Does your child play appropriately with their toys?” Apparently, this is a common question asked of parents if their kid is being assessed for autism. In this context playing “appropriately” means “playing with toys exactly as a neurotypical child would play with their toys.” That, and it is often pushed very hard for parents to … Continue reading Autistic Play is Appropriate Play

Navigating Autistic Communication (and Social Grey Area)

Autistic and non-autistic people have differing communication styles in both obvious and not-so-obvious ways. It’s not that one style is right and the other is wrong, it’s just different. One of the many commonly-cited differences between autistic and non-autistic communication is that autistic people are generally more black and white with communication where non-autistic people … Continue reading Navigating Autistic Communication (and Social Grey Area)