Autistic Pride Day 2019

Today, June 18th, is Autistic Pride Day. It's a day created by autistics and for autistics to stand in contrast against all of the negativity and stigma surrounding autism and celebrate our differences, neurodiversity, and awesome autistic uniqueness. It sounds awesome, and Autistic Pride Day is something I've supported for several years now. The only … Continue reading Autistic Pride Day 2019

Yes, autism is a disability… and that’s OK!

Relatively recently, I was having a pretty basic discussion on Facebook about accessibility accommodations that can be useful for autistic kids, and those that have been useful for me. It was going alright, until someone who wasn't originally part of the discussion replied to me saying (this is a paraphrase, not an exact quote) "You … Continue reading Yes, autism is a disability… and that’s OK!

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2019

Today, Friday, May 17th, is the last day of┬áNeurodiversity┬áCelebration Week. This was an initiative created by award-winning autism advocate and online friend of mine Siena Castellon of Quantum Leap Mentoring. It is an initiative to hopefully get people to celebrate neurodiversity - the idea that variations in how people's brains are wired, like autism, ADHD, … Continue reading Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2019

To the Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Autistic Child…

Dear, Parent, Presumably, if you are reading this it is because your child has recently been diagnosed with autism. Firstly, before you read any further, I want you to take a deep breath and relax for a minute. Take a few minutes to listen to what I have to say. There are probably a number … Continue reading To the Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Autistic Child…

This April, go #RedInstead for Autism Acceptance!

Coming up on April 2nd is "World Autism Day," couched in what some people have designated as "Autism Awareness Month." Unfortunately, for many autistic people, April has become a month of anxiety due to the darker sides of the "awareness" that is often pushed. There will be "autism walks," wear blue days at schools and … Continue reading This April, go #RedInstead for Autism Acceptance!

International Disability Day of Mourning

Today is going to be an incredibly somber post. Today, March 1st, is the International Disability day of Mourning for disabled people who were murdered by their caregivers. Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of disabled people are murdered by their parents, their caretakers, or their siblings. The people they should have been able to … Continue reading International Disability Day of Mourning