The Double Empathy Problem – A Paradigm Shift in Thinking About Autism

How many times have you heard something of the following sorts about autism? "People with autism lack social skills." "People with autism can't communicate appropriately." "Deficits in theory of mind is a core symptom of autism." "People with autism lack the ability to feel empathy." As you can tell from the person-first language, these statements … Continue reading The Double Empathy Problem – A Paradigm Shift in Thinking About Autism

Understanding Meltdowns and Autism

"Beneath every behavior is a feeling. And beneath every feeling is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause and not the symptom." - Psychologist Ashleigh Warner I used to have daily meltdowns. There was a time in early elementary school where … Continue reading Understanding Meltdowns and Autism

What does listening look like?

When we were all kids, we inevitably heard quite a few bits of questionable information. We have all likely taken a few of these little factoids to heart, hence the reason why Wikipedia needs a "List of Common Misconceptions" page. I bet most of us, though, also heard something that just clearly didn't add up … Continue reading What does listening look like?

Autistic Pride Day 2019

Today, June 18th, is Autistic Pride Day. It's a day created by autistics and for autistics to stand in contrast against all of the negativity and stigma surrounding autism and celebrate our differences, neurodiversity, and awesome autistic uniqueness. It sounds awesome, and Autistic Pride Day is something I've supported for several years now. The only … Continue reading Autistic Pride Day 2019