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     Quincy Hansen is an autistic 20-year-old, and is the one who writes this blog. This blog was started as a platform to reach a wider audience with an autistic take on autism, neurodiversity, and acceptance. Quincy hopes that this blog will help people get a better idea about how he and other autistic people process the world, and provide a place for other autistic people to read and relate.

     Hailing from the front-range of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, Quincy is always curious about the world and is constantly learning and exploring. Quincy has been formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder, and also has some fine motor skill impairments resulting in Dysgraphia-like symptoms. Quincy has found that writing offers a good outlet for communicating ideas that do not easily come verbally.

     Quincy loves music, nature, insects, football, and God, among other things. Hobbies include playing bass guitar, collecting insects, photography and caring for a small zoo of various tarantulas, beetles, a small breeding colony of Leopard Geckos, and other things. Special interests include (but are not limited to) insects, arachnids, and the band Metallica.

(This page was written by Quincy, even though it is in third person for formality purposes.)

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