Autism Resources

Here you’ll find a collection of resources about autism I have found to be interesting, helpful, or potentially useful. If you’re curious about what has helped me, what I read, you want to learn more, or you’re autistic yourself and want to explore useful resources, or any number of other reasons, you may want to check out this page. This page is updated continuously as I discover new things, so check back from time to time for more!

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Blogs by Autistic People:

A list of blogs authored by autistic people that I have enjoyed reading in the past. Note that just because it’s listed here doesn’t mean that I agree with or endorse everything on said blog, nor have I read every piece of content from every blog. For a few of these on here, there’s quite a lot I disagree with. However, all of these I have enjoyed at one point or another, and so I list them for you to check out as well. (This list will probably be frequently updated):

Ann’s Autism Blog – Ann Memmott

Authentically Emily – Emily

Autistic Dreams – Luna Rose

Autistic Hoya – Lydia X. Z. Brown

Autistic Science Person – Ira Kraemer

Dare to Listen – Graciela Lotharius

Edge of the Playground – Mikhaela Ackerman

Embracing Atypical – Mads Beresford

Emma’s Hope Book – Emma Zurcher-Long

Evil Autie – Joelle

Faith, Hope, and Love… with Autism – Phillip

Fierce Autie – Amanda Seigler

Ido in Autismland – Ido Kedar

Jordyn’s Rocky Journey – Jordyn Pallett

Musings of an Aspie – Cynthia Kim

Neurodivergent Rebel – Christa Holmans

Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking – Amy Sequenzia

No Stereotypes Here – Corina Becker

Quantum Leap: Peer Mentoring for Bright Kids with ASD and Learning Differences – Siena Castellon

The Caffeinated Autistic

The Emboldening

For a massive list of blogs written by autistic people, see the Actually Autistic Blogs List


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) – An autistic-led non-profit organization that promotes self-advocacy among autistic people.

The I CAN Network – An Australian based non-profit that seeks to promote autism positivity.

Learn From Autistics – An organization that helps to promote autistic voices so people can learn about autism from autistic people.

Love and Autism – An organization that seeks to change the narrative about autism from one of tragedy and fear to one of love and hope.

Starting With Julius – An Australia-based disability rights organization, currently focusing on positive portrayal of disability in the media and educational equality.


Neurotribes – Steve Silberman

Typed Words Loud Voices – Multiple Authors

Accessibility Products:

Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs (Discrete, high fidelity earplugs to combat sensory overload. A product I use on a daily basis! See my review here.)

Stimtastic (A website that sells very affordable stim toys, such as chewelry and fidgets. Products are aimed at teenagers and adults, but are certainly appropriate for children.)

More coming soon…