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Please note: I do not promote or endorse content on my blog that is not written by autistic people, and even then I do so very selectively. I do not post links to content on my Resources page that is not autistic written. Do not contact me asking me to link to whatever “autism guide” your organization has created, especially if it’s full of ableist nonsense, misinformation, or stereotypes which I have already called out on this blog. I do not run ads or do product promotion on this blog, except in rare instances where I am personally endorsing something.

If you email me and don’t receive a response, email me again because I am autistic and have executive functioning challenges and I may have either missed your message or forgotten to reply. If you send two or more emails and don’t hear back it is likely because I am not interested in whatever you are offering or asking me to do, especially if it’s something I just covered in the previous paragraph.

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